Wrapping Mercy House in The Mom Quilt of love

I will wash clothes today, flush toilets, shower, and let the water run while I brush my teeth without even thinking.  I’ll drink fresh, cold water from my own kitchen faucet whenever I want.  I am so privileged.

What do we do with that?  What do we do with the knowledge that there is nothing that separates us from our brothers and sisters in third world countries?  That it could just as easily be my child, my grandchild who needs precious water.  And what about the message of Christ?  The Lord placed me in a home where I was taught the gospel message from day one.  Do I fully comprehend that gift?    What do we do with that?  Why, oh sovereign Lord, do we have this life of luxury?  I don’t know.

 What  I do know, is that the resources I have, be it finances, time, spiritual gifts, etc., better be held out in my open hands for God to use.

The Mom Quilt is that.  It is a book of 60 stories of motherhood extracted from our hearts and held out in our open hands, being used as a fundraiser for Mercy House in Kenya.  It is from Mommas, to mommas, for mommas.  It is an offering.

One of the stories is mine, but the real story is much bigger than the 60 of us.  It’s the story of how God will use this group of women to help provide a ministry with life-giving water.  Physical needs met, spiritual needs met. That is immeasurable and the far-reaching results will not be seen on this side of heaven.  The real story will unfold, not just with the drilling of this well, but with the unseen hand of God moving in lives across an ocean.

Below is today’s blog from The Mercy House regarding The Mom Quilt.  Please join me in being the hands and feet of God as we fund this well.  You will find all the information there needed to assist us in digging this well, one book at a time.  At this time, it is a e-book so that 100% of proceeds can go to Mercy House.

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unnamed (4)
Please join me in being the hands and feet of God as we fund this well.   At this time, it is a e-book so that 100% of proceeds can go to Mercy House.    Please feel to contact me with any questions, and I also suggest taking the time to watch the video on Mercy House, especially in regards to Fair Trade Friday!
While the cost of the book is $9.99, you are welcome to pay over that, it still all goes to Mercy House’s well project.

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